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Our videographers can help you figure out what you need to get your video created.   Be it an event, commercial, presentation, we have worked on a range of productions, and help you quickly plan what you need for your video production.

We know our stuff.


We can work in studio or on site to get our vision on video and ready for editing.   We offer a full range of services, from a simple video recording, to multiple camera complex lighting set ups.

We can handle it.


We’ve edited 100s of videos over the years, from television commercials, to presentations, music videos.   From preparation for Theater, to DVD, to youtube for your website, we’ve done it.

We can help.



We work by a motto of excellence.

Seattle Videography was started by a group of film makers in 2005, about the same time redefined how people interact with video. Our mission as film makers and videographers is to empower individuals and business by providing services and expertise in the new era of video based media.

Our core values are to provide world class service to our clients and to empower them to better reach their audience through their media productions. We recognize the value of this in the emerging world of digital sharing and media interaction. We continually educate ourselves emerging trends in media and communication to help secure the best outcomes for our video products. We see video as a means to communicate, educate, and inspire in a constantly changing media landscape. Our values and principles are often vindicated with feedback we receive from our amazing clients.

Be a simple on camera interview, to a feature length production, to covering a beautiful wedding or event, our values are the cornerstones of how we do business.



What gear do you use?

We for the most part use light weight documentary gear, and easy to move LED lights for quick onsite shooting. We most often shoot in HD, and deliver in frame rates of 24p or 60p. Audio is captured wirelessly, or directly from a sound board depending on the situation.

What is the difference between 24p and 60p?

60p, is often used for television, it creates a look similar to a sports game or soap opera, though its becoming more and more common to see on youtube.

24p is the standard for film, and creates a softer look we are used to seeing in films at the theater, its a bit more dreamy.

Do you shoot in 4K?

We can provide that option, but often its over-kill for most applications. This option can increase the cost considerably. However we suggest that if you are not sure why you would need it, it is probably not the option for you. Most display technology still displays in 1080p. However that may change in the next few years.

How does booking work?

Typically it starts with a phone call. We prefer this because often key details can get lost in the translation of emails. We can also arrange a personal meeting to discuss your production. Just let us know what you need.


Clients Include

We offer services to private parties, businesses and charitable organizations. Here are a few groups we have worked with


Demo Reel


A multicamera shoot with lighting for with the Mayor of Redmond Washington delivered to the client edited the next day. Lighting and audio capture were also provided with the shooting and edit.

Live Music

A multicamera shoot at a live music venue, editing and audio capture and mastering were also provided with the edit.

Wedding Video Example

A Full day shoot for one of our Wedding Packages.

Cooking Video Example

We rented a kitchen for this multicamera cooking shoot for Tree Top.

Live Music Example

A multicamera shoot at a live music venue, editing and audio capture and mastering were also provided with the edit.

News Report Example

An onsite news report covered at the Washington Convention Center in downtown Seattle Washington. Next day edit and delivery with graphics.

Training Video Example

We Produced a DVD and Trailer for this Martial Arts Video Available for sale on

Wedding Video Example

A Full day shoot for one of our Wedding Packages.

Kickstarter Video Example

This video features stock footage and live recording to boost a kickstarter project.

DVD Extra Example

DVD Extras we Produced for the 2012 Oscar Contender War of the Worlds The True Story, which features interviews with the film makers in this highly stylized presentation.

Event Sizzle Reel Example

A sizzle reel for a Makers Event shot in California, which highligts the day. Edited and delivered the next day.

Demonstration Video Example

This Video was shot in Norway, and delivered to us for a next day edit for the client. The video highlights one of their new products, a tracking system.

Press Conference Example

A press conference from the 2016 highlighting a plea for local electors.

Client Interview Example

An quick interview with a high level Microsoft executive on their relationship with a vendor, highlighting their successful collaberation, delivered the next day

Animated New Product Announcement Example

An animated product video we produced highlighting an innovative new product, featuring music and voice over.

Interview Example

An interview with a national activist on changes in Marijuana policy in the united states, single camera, with audio capture and graphics.

Instructional Video Example

A single camera shoot in the basics of snowboarding, mixed with B-roll and themed graphics.

A variety of clips from some of our past videos set to piano music


Price List

This list is a general idea of our prices, and may vary based on equipment and duration of the project.

Most project costs fall below an estimate built from this list, but it can help to build an idea of the highest cost for a given project.

Service Description Hourly
Filming Per camera operator on site. (Discounts on full days, and multi-day projects) 100
Editing Editing and collaboration services (Discounts on long term projects.) 50
Lighting Standard 3 light set up (Variable based on equipment needs) X
Studio Time Variable based on project needs, and location. X
Other Services Administrative, uploading, processing. (All other project Related Services) 35

Rush Services Available at Double Standard Rates.

Contact us for package pricing for weddings & special events.
We also offer discounts to charitable interests.



    "Seattle-Videography is the most professional film crew that I have worked with. Seattle-Videography is on-time always if not early. Seattle-Videography is very patient and will listen to your ideas. The production manager Jesse leads his crew well in implementing a plan before the job.

    Seattle-Videography's crew are the best extreme action shooters in the NW. I choose them to film our most important event in Professional Strongman history. The crew mastered the difficult task of filming a 270lb. man pulling a 1/3 million lbs. 767 over a 100 foot distance. The event was the first of it's kind and too place at Boeing Field.

    They were able to capture the best angles from our championship event. I would recommend Seattle-Videography to film your next important event or memorable moment."

Mark Kirsch, Owner
World Strongman Entertainment

    "We had a last minute hearing in Seattle that we needed to have recorded. Jesse was extremely flexible in accommodating our last minute request. He was very responsive throughout the whole process. He showed up to the hearing early and set up equipment without anyone from our company to assist him. He sent the footage that same evening and it was of high quality. Highly recommended."

Melinda Hanson, Project Assistant
California Environmental Associates

    "Thank you lots and lots. So many of my friends asked about you and thought you were awesome. And the photographers are obsessed with you I think."

Josie Beck, Wedding

    "The folks at Seattle videography provided excellent video coverage at our wedding last summer. Their professional attitudes addressed our technical concerns and allowed us to focus on the wedding day.

    As an audio/video hobbyist myself, I was particular of who we chose to do our video services. After meeting with Jesse and Max, I knew that these guys were more than capable of producing a quality product that we would be proud to view and show off at home.

    I know that we could not afford a wedding planner. I ended up hiring mini-planners in the form of each company that provided a service at our wedding. I am proud to say that Jesse and Max were able to provide the follow through needed to make our day the greatest."

Michael Cruz
Technology Architect

    "It's been great working with Jesse at Seattle Videography. We've used him to shoot agent interviews and customer videos. Jesse is professional and always delivered things on time. Most importantly, the videos look great."

Chris Glew

    "Thanks Seattle Videography!!! It was great working with you!"

Heidi Hunt
Law Offices of Heidi L. Hunt, PLLC



”Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it.”
- Banksy