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Since 2005 we have crafted scores of unique wedding videos for a broad range of couples from diverse backgrounds. We have worked in almost all of the major wedding venues in the greater Seattle area. Seattle Videography has the experience and know-how to produce your timeless wedding keepsake.

We want to produce a video that reflects who you are, and the unique experience you have created for your friends and family on your wedding day. Whatever your style, be it fun, romantic, spiritual, or just a little of everything, we are here to listen and work to produce something amazing on your wedding day, something that will last a lifetime.

Our style is typically documentary, and we do not often stage shots or set up lights, at most we may stage a few useful close-ups, and may ask for a few specific things during the photo session. The goal is to capture authentic footage of you being you and largely stay out of the way as the day plays out. You can see some examples of our approach in our work below.

So please take a look around, and if you have any questions about wedding videography, please just give us a call, or email. We’re happy to fill in any blanks on wedding videography.

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Jesse Zesbaugh

Owner/Videographer Bio

Jesse Zesbaugh started Seattle Videography in 2005 at age 21. He worked through his early 20s filming weddings and corporate events, and then moved on to produce news segments for a nationally televised news service, following that he made the contacts to co-produce two feature films (“War of the Worlds - The True Story”, & “10 Days in a Madhouse”) both played limited international runs and one was considered for an Oscar in 2012. Finding the competition of Hollywood circuit stressful and emotionally draining; Jesse has decided to return to the more relaxed world of private videography. Jesse is a pisces, a vegetarian, and enjoys the relaxation of his Shoreline residence, where he focuses on his exciting local production business, and charitable works.

Examples of Past Productions

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”The Basic” Highlight Video

Mobile View

Eric & Ashley were wed in the summer of 2016 in Woodinville WA; This video primarily showcases the ceremony, with a few of the indoor reception shots cut in. The Bride & Groom opted for a longer cut to memorialize key events at the reception, which includes the toasts, dancing, and the toss. The couple also received their raw footage on a flash drive, which included the toasts and other events that would not fit in a short highlight video.

”The Basic” Highlight Video

Mobile View

A remote shoot with Amanda & Matt near the tail end of the summer of 2014 produced this country themed highlight reel. Most of the main events were captured and included in this piece. The Bride & Groom also received their raw footage, so they could view the toasts, dances and of course the ceremony as a whole.

”The Basic +” Highlight Video

Mobile View

In 2014 we spent a full day with Nina & Miguel. We covered them getting ready, to closing out the evening, so they needed to add a few hours to the basic package to get the whole day in. The video and song are up beat and fun and seeks to showcase the cross cultural nature of their unique Indian/Mexican wedding in one poppy song. They also sent a few photos from their photographer that we were happy to integrate into the production.

”The Basic +” Highlight Video

Mobile View

This 2016 highlight is an American Islamic wedding, featuring a long photo session during the day at several iconic Seattle locations, followed by a trip on the water around the Puget Sound. The shoot day was a bit longer to accommodate all the requested footage, which lead to the creation of a longer highlight video. The video has a slow paces with matches perfectly with the day, as well the feel the Bride & Groom wanted to capture for their day.

”Custom” Highlight Video

Mobile View

Jeremy & Erin requested a variation of our basic package building from our “extras” list, there was a musical performance by the groom that needed special audio capture and a few other elements that were delivered to them, the shoot was shorter then usual, but created some complex audio capture challenges that we were able to accommodate. We also produced this fun highlight video, that has a bit of a different feel then traditional wedding productions. We are happy to create custom arrangements, as we understand everyone has their own unique style.


Package Details Figure

”The Basic”

Our basic package features one videographer with two cameras on site for 5 hours of filming, along with a custom highlight video set to a song of your choosing and the raw footage both delivered on a thumb drive. This is a popular option for those without a huge budget for videography who still want a stylish production of their wedding day to share with friends and family. It’s also great for more intimate venues.


  • 1 Videographers for 5 Hours of Filming
  • Highlight Video
  • All Footage Delivered on a USB a Thumbdrive

”The Classic”

Our Classic package features two videographers with three cameras on site for 6 hours of filming, along with a custom highlight video set to a song of your choosing and the raw footage both delivered on a thumb drive. This option is great for those who want to spend a little extra to produce a more immersive video showing key events from multiple angles. Usually there is enough time to capture the photo session if it takes place before the ceremony. It’s ideal for larger venues with many guests.


  • 2 Videographers for 6 Hours of Filming
  • Highlight Video
  • All Footage Delivered on a USB a Thumbdrive

”The Premier”

Our Primer package features two videographers with three cameras on site for 8 hours of filming, we also bring an ariel drone along for amazing exterior shots (ideal for outdoor shoots). This features a custom highlight video set to a song of your choosing, a documentary edit covering the major events in their entirety and also includes raw footage delivered on a thumb drive. This is the option with all our bells and whistles that can add the extra pizazz to create a immaculate presentation. Usually we can cover everything from getting ready, to the grand exit. It’s also perfect for larger venues with many guests.


  • 8 Hours of Filming
  • Ariel Drone
  • Highlight Video
  • Documentary Video
  • All Footage Delivered on a USB a Thumbdrive
Additional Services for Custom and “+” Packages
Offering Details Figure
Extra Hour - Per Videographer Sometimes it’s a longer day, and you want to capture everyone getting ready and/or your photo session, as well as the main events. We can do that. Additionally we can capture the rehearsal & dinner as part of a custom package. $119
Documentary Edit A longer more documentary style edit, it’s simple, but captures everything. They are usually 30-40 mins in length but with longer ceremonies can range up to an hour and a half. This is more a personal memory, lacking the glitz and pop of a highlight edit. All major events are shown in their full length. This option is usually preferable on 2 videographer packages, as sometimes in live filming certain angels are obstructed for some events. $449
Highlight - Additional Song In some cases there is enough footage to make a longer high quality highlight video, in those cases this add-on can be great for a longer highlight video for social media sharing with friends and family. This is a good option for longer days, or shoots with multiple videographers. $399
Photo Slide Show We can set your favorite photos to music, and include the video file on the final delivery, or prepare something you can project at the wedding itself using past photos. Limit 250 photos. $249

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