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We work by a motto of excellence.

Seattle Videography was started by a group of film makers in 2005, about the same time YouTube was redefining how people interact with video.


Our mission as a video production company is to empower individuals and business by providing services and expertise in the new era of video based media.

Our core values are to provide world class service to our clients and to empower them to better reach their audience through their media productions. We recognize the value of this in the emerging world of digital sharing and media interaction. We continually educate ourselves emerging trends in media and communication to help secure the best outcomes for our video products.


We see video as a means to communicate, educate, and inspire in a constantly changing media landscape. Our values and principles are often vindicated with feedback we receive from our amazing clients, and we work hard to bring them the best tools and techniques possible.


From simple on camera interviews to feature films, our values are the cornerstones of how we do business.

Seattle Videography Logo


Partner | Producer | Videographer

Aaron Anderson Seattle Video Production

Rewind a few decades and you would find Aaron producing his first projects on his parent's VHS camcorder with elementary school friends - a hobby that would turn into a passion throughout his education creating everything from skateboard videos to television work and movies.


Still-captures simultaneously became front and center when he received his first paid job as a photographer for the local newspaper while a freshman in high school. Earning his degree in visual communications and psychology in Portland, his senior thesis project, a documentary on the déjà vu phenomenon, was received with high regard from faculty and colleagues which would later prove to be a heavy influence on the battle between art & science and the ultimate direction of his future.


A short few years later Aaron grew a one man band into a successful video production company (Snappy Cowboys Productions) with portfolio pieces spanning several years servicing some of the largest name brands and musical artists in the world. With extensive experience producing commercial work and as director of photography on feature films, concerts and documentaries, Aaron's work began to turn heads after relocating to Seattle from Portland, where he emerged in the film culture and quickly found himself in high demand for music videos, commercials, films and live event videography and photography.

Today he lives in Seattle with his wife and 1 year old daughter. He is also a successful architectural photographer with publishings in Architectural Digest, Dwell, Seattle Met, Seattle Magazine and more.

written by Sarah Angel for IMDb


Partner | Producer | Videographer

Jesse Zesbaugh co-founded Seattle Videography in 2005 anticipating the growth of digital video.  As a filmmaker Jesse has served the Seattle area and far beyond as both a Videographer & Producer for over 15 years.  He has also worked on several internationally released independent films including War of the Worlds The True Story & 10 Days in a Madhouse. Additionally he has worked extensively on interviews & news media productions. In his current capacity at Seattle Videography he enjoys working on smaller projects such as trade shows, interviews, and other niche productions as they satisfy his curiosity about the world around him - as well as meeting his desire to help a myriad of individuals & organizations communicate with digital video. 

His style is a minimalist and highly mobile approach to both production & editing.  This approach he feels is best to get clients the most bang for their buck when communicating with a target audience.

He enjoys computer science, vegetarian food & World of Warcraft.

Notable Interviews:  Sally Jewel (Former Secretary of the Interior), Robert Ballard (Discovered the wreck of the RMS Titanic),

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