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Event Sizzle Reel (Case Study: Lite)

We had a client with a tight videography budget for a 2 hour event in Seattle - he needed a sizzle reel for future event promotion. We decided on 2 cameras and a short sizzle reel edit.

The client was able to help direct where needed so we could get well produced shots, as well as a strong introduction. During events it can be very helpful to have someone to help set up needed shots with key stakeholders and showpieces to assure high quality results.

The client also provided music, and some stock footage clips to further accent the video.

The editing collaboration took place a few days later when the client returned to the east coast, and included two rounds of client review before final approval of the video product which was a 1 min 30 second sizzle reel.

The keys to this product were the amazing atmosphere provided by the client, as well as the energy and enthusiasm of those involved. The shorter reel duration seemed to work for highlight key moments of the event.

Equipment Used:

Editing Suite: FCPX

2x Handheld Documentary Camera

Client Provided Music

Stock Footage

Services Provided: (Lite)



Initial Consultation

Costs: 1500 flat fee


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