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Kickstarter Video (Case Study: Lite)

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

We had a client with a very limited budget with a cool idea for a kickstarter video. We knew with the limited budget we could not use lots of locations or bring in heavy equipment. We suggested we look at doing some voice over with a few choice shots of the product along with the purchase of some stock footage.

They knew more about the product than we did so we advised them to work on the script for the project, Then we would help find the optimal clips to mix in with the project. This proved to be a fairly effective methodology.

We took one filming day to get some images of the product in addition to that. The result was a charming video that was completed a very modest budget.

The keys to this product were the client having a strong idea of wha they wanted, and where they wanted to go.

Equipment Used:

Editing Suite: FCPX

Stock Footage

Handheld Documentary Camera

Voice Over Talent

Client Provided Images

Services Provided: (Lite)



Script Review

Initial Consultation

Costs: 1200 + Cost of Clips & V/O


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